AGUIA means eagle in Galician.

AGUIA is also a company specialized in artificial intelligence, which utilizes images taken from drones to inspect roads.

Smart Pavement Analytics (SPA) is the future of road inspection.

We provide images, pavement condition assessment, measurements of cracks and potholes, and calculate the Pavement Condition Index (PCI) according to ASTM standards for visual inspection. SPA allows the assessment of thousands of kilometers with the level of crack detail that measures only a few centimeters.
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Investment prioritisation within the road network

SPA provides the PCI (Pavement Condition Index) along thousands of kilometers in a road network, allowing the selection of priority sections for maintenance. The PCI results are consistent with ASTM standard: D6433-23.
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Measurements for the preparation of specifications and projects

SPA measures crack lengths and the areas occupied by peelings, alligator cracks, and other defects, facilitating the preparation of specifications or maintenance projects in a very timely and moneysaving manner.
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Pavement condition review before the start of repair works

Before maintenance work begins, SPA reviews measurements and the overall condition of the road, capable of conducting a campaign just a few days before the work starts. SPA will provide images as well as the location of defects and their measurements, facilitating the prior planning of the work.
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Generation of road orthoimage

Centimeter-precision generation of the orthophoto of the road and its surroundings, based on data obtained from the flights.

Objective evaluation

The use of artificial intelligence enables the objectification of the analysis across the entire analyzed road network, even if each section is separated by thousands of kilometers. This method ensures the repeatability of the analysis, as it eliminates the subjectivity present in current methods.

Periodic inspection of 100% of the network

SPA allows the evaluation of road networks of thousands of kilometers, either using drone operators or using own resources. The versatility and immediacy of the SPA allows several annual inspections to be carried out

Safe inspection

For SPA inspection, there is no need to divert traffic or place workers on the road, eliminating the risk of accidents, while maintaining 100% operational capacity on the roadway.

Speed and quality

The automation of processes in SPA achieves a dramatic improvement in the image processing speed, providing the appropriate quality by having clear traceability of the processes.

Standardization according to ASTM

The PCI analysis of SPA is consistent with the ASTM D6433–23 standard, related to the Pavement Condition Index for roads.

Georeferencing and defect measurement

SPA provides georeferencing and measurements of areas and lengths of geolocated defects throughout the entire road network, facilitating integration into any GIS platform.