AGUIA - Smart Pavement Analytics (SPA)

AGUIA means eagle in Galician, our mother language.

AGUIA is also an artificial intelligence company that analyzes images taken from drones to assess the condition of infrastructure and enhance asset management.

SPA is our first product.

Juan Pan

Juan Pan. Aeronautical engineer with over 20 years of professional experience in aircraft design and structural analysis. Specializing in simulation and optimization, has worked in leading companies in the aerospace sector, developing applications related to machine learning. Fully convinced of the high value that artificial intelligence can bring to society and, in particular, to processes within the field of engineering.

Javier Losada

Javier Losada. Aeronautical engineer, with studies in mathematics and security strategy. With over 20 years of experience in aviation, encompassing operational aspects as well as planning and infrastructure design. Has held leadership positions and led the development of departments with teams of dozens of people, both in airport operations and their planning. Is a frequent speaker at international conferences and has recently contributed to IATA’s ADRM as a member of the Think Tank, as well as participating in EASA’s Task Force for the elaboration of the PTS for Vertiport design.