As a result of the road inspection, the SPA (Smart Pavement Analytics) system provides the following information:

Measurement of crack lengths and defect areas

SPA measures the lengths of cracks and areas of other defects directly from the images, over thousands of kilometers and with centimeter precision.

Updated road images

AGUIA provides the aerial images used by SPA, enabling independent review of road conditions separate from the automatic analysis. Likewise, defect details will be appreciated with centimeter precision.

PCI - Pavement Condition Index

SPA provides the PCI according to the ASTM D6433-23 standard, "Standard Practice for Roads and Parking Lots Pavement Condition Index (PCI) Surveys," based on pavement defects detected by artificial intelligence algorithms.
The grading of the pavement condition, according to the categories included in ASTM, will allow a proper maintenance prioritization.

Georeferencing of defects

The geographical information of the images is carefully processed by SPA, allowing it to provide the precise location of all results, including calculated PCI values or every identified pavement defect.

Integration into digital twins / GIS

SPA provides inspection results in a technical report. Thanks to the georeferencing of the data, the results are also generated in formats compatible with the most common GIS platforms, also facilitating integration into various digital twin formats.